Read the room is dirty to is able to work comfortably and there is – things that might cause less low self-esteem –

When things are less, but entitled, but comes through whether you are to cherish the things the authors in this book have been carefully selected how is.

Now each other also Toka Toka stationery items recommendations that are currently using to introduce, also had a lot of things become want catapult.

For anxiety that people who can not be discarded things faced

Toka because the number the countryside to have a thing, but I think the course depends on the size of the house, still feel like the person’s personality is greatly affected is.

In extreme cases, excessive or I collect things in one of the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, seems certain is that syndrome Tamekomi that may not be discarded. Seems to anxiety is the cause for the future and in essence the these symptoms.
I read the book in order to achieve a clean up of several books, need not out symptoms of about still go to the hospital, because people can not throw things or many that are having a strong anxiety for the future, self-esteem It seems there are many low people.

Quite long, what is popular is the cross-sectional 捨離, the people that it will not be thrown away things and have really a lot to Japan, might such because the entire country is having anxiety.

In some cases mental problems affecting the room, there seems to be mental problems to the contrary can be improved by the clean up.

But have forgotten where you’ve read (sorry), compared to other countries, Japanese depression seems often cured by cleaning up. Apparently some people work than counseling.

I think a matter of fact, what each of us have something how much of the number of items, and Do to interesting if how much feel or Toka such a study was brighter there When you reduce.
Sense of well-being that is born from the fact that to cherish the ones that were carefully selected
The author has achieved that already reduce the things in this book, and what is small, what you have, because it is happy because the love of those who left will not be distributed have been transmitted from end-to-end of the sentence . I think the kana feeling that important that they taking advantage of these things.

In after reading this book, because the vision of life after the cross-sectional 捨離 became very clear, it is because the thing in order to better the lives of after that to throw away things, guilt for that throw away things feeling was of it was really good run out.

Konmari I teacher was saying, tips when put away, rather than think and reduce things, to choose what to leave, because to cherish what you have left is I thought I wish I still important.

Things small and comfortably able to work – minimalist organize surgery to be released from the pile of papers








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